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Reaching Investment Zen

Zen is focus, focus is fulfillment.

We take a balanced approach to fulfilling your goals.


We give you informed ideas for your money.

Balance in Investing & Life

Equilibria Wealth Management is a national firm with deep roots throughout Texas.  Equilibria is defined as a state of balance due to the equal action of opposing forces. For us, that means balancing planning and investing with an approach designed specifically to help bring you confidence, clarity and peace of mind.

We Have Been There Before
Our deep intellectual capital, tenure in the industry, and approach to a balanced financial life separates us from most others. We have already been through and dealt with an array of economic seasons and volatility for our clients over the years. We use this experience to artfully plan, protect and grow portfolios for our clients today.

Targeted Investment Strategies to Meet YOUR Needs  

We help you plan for the best path forward for your financial life matched with a targeted investment approach to meet your specific needs.

As a Registered Investment Advisor, Equilibria Wealth Management brings a fiduciary standard, increased flexibility, innovative technology, reduced costs, and Schwab, the trusted custodian of client assets.