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Guiding You to Financial Freedom


Targeted Investing to Meet YOUR Specific Needs

We bring a philosophy to investing that requires extensive expertise as well as a complete understanding of each client’s specific needs, goals, and risk tolerance. We manage our client accounts in-house using independent, institutional-level third-party research, data, evidence, and portfolio management strategies designed to optimize the probability of success.

We know that not one investing style is right for everyone.


Equilibria Proprietary Portfolios

BILD – Bond Income Ladder
Customized fixed income ladders using individual securities including taxable, tax-free and certificates of deposit (CDs).

GANDI – Growth & Income Portfolios
A blended approach using asset allocation, trailing stop losses, position sizing, sector weightings, rebalancing, while focusing on low turnover (less tax liability).

RASP – Retirement & Savings Portfolio
Portfolio designed for retirement savings using asset allocation and regular rebalancing of mutual funds & ETFs.

RIP – Retirement Income Portfolio
Customized income-oriented portfolio utilizing individual bonds, ETFs, mutual funds, preferred stocks, and dividend paying stocks.

OASIS – Option & Stock Investment Strategies - Moderate
An actively traded portfolio of stock and stock option combinations using credit spreads, selling of puts and calls, protective put buying, and trailing stop losses.

ACTIVE - Active Trading Portfolios
We assist active traders with speculative customized portfolios including stocks and buying and selling of options.